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Who Would You Want To Pray For You?

This last Sunday at Element Church we kicked off a new sermon series called “Seven” which will lead us up to Easter Sunday.  In this series, we are looking at the seven final statements of Jesus from the cross. Most of his time on the cross appear to be silent, but the four Gospel writers record seven statements he made. At first glance, these statements might seem insignificant, but as we’re going to see in this series, they are incredibly profound and applicable to our lives today.

We kicked off the series talking about the phrase, “Father, forgive them.” There is so much depth and richness to these words of Jesus. Yes, they applied to the very men who were nailing him to the cross, but they were also prayed for us as well. Jesus modeled for us an example to follow in our own forgiveness. He desires for us to experience forgiveness by faith in Him. He also wants to encourage us, reminding us with these words that He is now the Great High Priest who intercedes for us.

In the clip below, we talk about Jesus as our intercessor. It is incredibly encouraging to know that Jesus prays for me. He is my intercessor. If I could have anyone in all of history pray for me, I’d want it to be Him. You can watch full sermons and services from Element Church HERE.