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Hey Element Church!  Don’t forget that we are giving ALL of our staff and volunteers this Sunday off, so no church on December 31st! We have the most amazing volunteers on the planet.  Many of them serve every week!  This is a great way to bless all of our volunteers,…

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Worship Or Entertainment?

This past week, our worship resident, Brielle, wrote a very insightful article on our Element Music Facebook page.  She posed a great question about worship and entertainment.  Where is the line?  Is there a line?  How do we know when we’ve crossed it. Brielle does an incredible job describing the…

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Are Men Too Proud To Worship

Last week, Pastor Jared (Worship Pastor at Element Church) wrote a great blog about men and worship. As the person who is charged with leading us in worship here at Element, I think what he has to say has tremendous value.  In this blog he does a great job challenging…

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