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My Declaration Signature Document

On page 173 of my book I challenge each person who wants to rise-up and make “My Declaration” their own to download one of the documents below, print it, sign it, and proudly display it somewhere in your home.  There are nine unique declarations available. I wanted to make sure and cover as many bases as I could.  There is a gender-neutral document, as well as documents for both male and female, married or single, with or without kids.

Maybe you can display this document by the front door of your house, or in the living room where your family gathers. Maybe you put it on the bathroom mirror to remind you every day before you leave for work, or perhaps you put it by your desk at work. I don’t care where you display the declaration, my biggest prayer is that you’ll live it.

Let’s rise-up and make this “My Declaration!”

Gender Neutral HERE.

Single Male No Kids HERE.

Single Male With Kids HERE.

Married Male No Kids HERE.

Married Male With Kids HERE.

Single Female No Kids HERE.

Single Female With Kids HERE.

Married Female No Kids HERE.

Married Female With Kids HERE.