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Getting real and raw about life, leadership, and love; while having lots of fun along the way.

Jeff and Sabrina Maness lead a large and growing church (Element Church in Cheyenne, WY) as well as a home-based business. They are high school sweethearts, married in 1997, and parents of four kids. The only way they’ve found to stay sane is to get naked and party!

In this podcast, they talk about everything from ministry and leadership to marriage and love. They dig into money, intimacy, parenting, and more. If it’s a part of life, it is never off-limits. They are as open about their failures as their successes and desire to see people flourish in every part of their lives.

Join Jeff and Sabrina for Naked Party Time and take your next step to flourish as well.

Episode 019: Marriage On Mission (And stuff for singles too) Part 2

In this episode, we pick up where we left off last time talking about living our lives on mission. If your marriage is not focused on the right mission, then your mission will become only about your marriage. If you haven’t yet, make sure and listen to Episode 018 of…

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The Naked Weekly: Politically Homeless (My frustrations with today’s politics)

I am frustrated with today’s politics, so much so that I feel a bit politically homeless. I don’t fit in their camp and I don’t fit in their circle. Anyone else feel that way? “I’m a Christian who is theologically conservative & socially compassionate, too conservative for progressives & too…

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