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Category: Marriage

Our View Of Sex Is Too Low

Hey Element Church!  This past Sunday we continued our sermon series on relationships called “It Takes Two.”  So far in the series, we’ve talked about having the right focus and preparing for the right marriage.  In this sermon, we talked about sex!  In fact, we asked the question, “What is…

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Hey Element Church!  I just wanted to give one final heads up and warning about the content of this Sunday’s message.  We are continuing our It Takes Two series as we walk through the love story found in Song of Solomon.  At the end of chapter three and the beginning…

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It Takes Two (New Sermon Series)

Hey Element Church!  This coming Sunday we are starting a new sermon series called “It Takes Two.” Did you know that the Bible has an entire book dedicated to love, romance, sex, and marriage? Song of Solomon is a descriptive love story between two people from attraction through a life-long…

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