Our View Of Sex Is Too Low

Hey Element Church!  This past Sunday we continued our sermon series on relationships called “It Takes Two.”  So far in the series, we’ve talked about having the right focus and preparing for the right marriage.  In this sermon, we talked about sex!  In fact, we asked the question, “What is the secret to great sex?”

God doesn’t blush or shy away when we talk about sex!  Sex was GOD’S idea.  He invented it.  It is literally a gift, designed to fulfill a specific purpose in our life.  Yes, procreation is a purpose of sexuality, but it’s so much more than that.  It’s meant to be something great and pleasurable in our lives as well.

Sex is designed to feel good, but specific things make it great!

Sex is designed to feel good, but specific things make it great! Click To Tweet

In the clip below, we talk about the first secret to great sex.  It’s not as complicated as you might think.  In this clip, I also show a video from Pastor John Mark Comer from Bridgetown Church in Oregon.  I think one of the main reasons we struggle with God’s design for marriage and sexuality is we have a low view of sex.  We need to elevate our view to God’s!

You can watch full sermons HERE.



Jeff Maness
I am a follower of Jesus first, husband to a beautiful wife, father to four amazing children, lead pastor of Element Church in Cheyenne, WY, and blogger of all things life.

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