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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Hey Element Church!  I just wanted to give one final heads up and warning about the content of this Sunday’s message.  We are continuing our It Takes Two series as we walk through the love story found in Song of Solomon.  At the end of chapter three and the beginning of chapter four, we are going to witness this young couples wedding and wedding night.  And let me tell ya church, it is gonna get steamy!

We are rating this week’s message PG-11.  11 years old (5th grade) and under are the ages allowed to attend e:kidz, so if your child is in that age range, I HIGHLY encourage you to utilize our kid’s ministry where they will learn about Jesus in a fun, relevant and secure area on their level.  I won’t be responsible for any questions they may ask you if you don’t.

We are not going to be crude, but we are going to laugh, have fun and take a very clear look at what God displays in this couple’s sexuality and God’s design for sex.  God designed sex to feel good but there are some specific things that make it GREAT!  So we’re going to ask the question, “What is the secret to great sex?”

Some people may ask, “Should the church really be talking about this?”  I actually believe one of the greatest mistakes the church ever made was not addressing this from the pulpit clearly.  Every day, we are bombarded with sexual messages and propaganda.  The one place it seems we have not been open and honest about sex is in the church!

We’ve become masters at talking about all the destruction sex can cause, we’ve not done well at talking about the delight that it can be in a marriage.  So, invite some friends, come ready to receive God’s Word and buckle up… it’s gettin’ hot in here!