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Category: Family

Birthday Trips: The Best Parenting Decision We’ve Ever Made

This year is the tenth anniversary of one of, if not the best parenting decision we’ve ever made. After reading a book called “Raising A Modern Day Knight” and talking with a family friend who had done something similar with their kids, we decided that for our kids’ birthdays we…

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Don’t Give Up On That Prayer

Just recently, I was reminded that our prayers have no expiration date, and I was so encouraged to keep on praying those bold prayers.  I hope this little story will also be an encouragement for you to “keep on praying!” Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church in Washington D.C.…

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Hey Element Church!  Don’t forget that we are giving ALL of our staff and volunteers this Sunday off, so no church on December 31st! We have the most amazing volunteers on the planet.  Many of them serve every week!  This is a great way to bless all of our volunteers,…

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Merry Christmas Element Church!

Every time I say “Merry Christmas”, followed by someone’s name or the name of our church I can’t help but think of George on It’s A Wonderful Life.  The image of him running down the street in his squeaky high pitched voice, yelling, “Merry Christmas Bedford Falls!  Merry Christmas you…

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