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Merry Christmas Element Church!

Every time I say “Merry Christmas”, followed by someone’s name or the name of our church I can’t help but think of George on It’s A Wonderful Life.  The image of him running down the street in his squeaky high pitched voice, yelling, “Merry Christmas Bedford Falls!  Merry Christmas you old building and loan!  Merry Christmas Mr. Potter!”

With that said, it is Christmas, so, “Merry Christmas Element Church!”

I’m going to be taking a holiday break from the blog for the next two weeks.  Don’t forget, we are not having church this coming Sunday, December 31st.  Please use that day to spend with your family and possibly attend and support another church here in town!

Church picks back up again on Sunday, January 7th.  I’ll start blogging regularly again on Monday, January 8th.   Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!