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Four Things I’ve Learned From My Mom

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and it got me reflecting on my mom.  I am blessed with an amazing mother.  Born, Rebecca Sue Campbell, she married my dad in August of 1970.  As of today, she has been my mom for 43 years, and I can’t imagine who I would be without her in my life.

I know that both she and my dad would admit to many mistakes, and the successes and strengths they would quickly ignore.  I guess that’s part of her humility and what makes her so great.

While everyone has something they see in their parents they don’t want to become, for me, when I hear that I remind someone of my mom and dad, that makes me very proud.

I can’t name every single thing I appreciate about my mom, but here are four that stand out to me that I remember from growing up under her care and still see today. We all should be pursuing these things in our own life.  She didn’t live these out perfectly I’m sure, but they have each made a powerful impression on my life.

1.  Prayer  —  For my mom, prayer never seemed to be an obligation, it was an opportunity!

Prayer for my mom was an opportunity to talk with her Lord and seek Him for the ones she loves.  It still is!  I have so many memories of seeing my parents up early, or sometimes up late, seeking the face of God in prayer.  I know my mom prayed for me.  She prayed for my wife before we ever met her.  She prayed for my children before they were a twinkle in my eye.

For my mom, prayer never seemed to be an obligation, it was an opportunity! Click To Tweet

My mom prays for lost people to be saved and for saved people to be sanctified through and through.  She prays for healing, hope, and wholeness in so many people’s lives.  Even still today, if she’s at our house or us at hers, she’ll be up early in the morning with her Bible and her prayer journal, seeking the face of God on behalf of so many people.

My mom carries on a legacy from her mother of being a prayer warrior in God’s Kingdom.  I want to do the same.  I’m so thankful for parents that model for me a life of prayer.

2.  Purpose — My mom knows what her gifts are and she lives them out for the glory of God.

Growing up, we moved quite a bit.  As a pastor, God had a specific purpose for my dad.  God would move us into a church that needed some specific help or healing, then after that church was in a healthy place, God would move us on to the next.  This wasn’t easy for anyone, including my mom and dad.

My mom knows what her gifts are and she lives them out for the glory of God. Click To Tweet

Everywhere God took us though, not only did my dad live out his purpose in the church, but my mom did as well.  My mom is a gifted teacher, so no matter where we found ourselves she would lead a Sunday School Class or small group.  Even today at Element, when she could easily pack it in and enjoy her retirement years, she leads a small group for ladies that are in a similar stage of life as she is.

She is a natural at counseling.  While not having a professional education in counseling, she has a divine gifting.  My mom can sit with people for hours, listening to their story, loving them through their pain and leading them into the life-giving power of Jesus in their lives.

Everywhere God took us, my mom always found a purpose in it.  I’m sure she didn’t want to move each time.  I know there was places God took us that she would rather have not gone, but without fail, she always lived in her purpose.  I want to be like that as well.

3.  Partnership —  My mom felt so strongly that God called her to be my dad’s wife, that wherever my dad was called, she was as well.

When the Bible says that two people become one flesh, that’s what I think of.  Yes, there are other implications to the “one flesh” theology, many of them I’d rather not think about with my parents (that’s funny), but they became one in calling as well.

My mom was truly a partner to my dad.  Yes, there are times where the wife is called to something as well and the husband needs to follow, but in this case, my mom was not only called to my dad, she was committed to wherever that took them and our family.

Nearly every time my dad was called on to somewhere new, the Lord would confirm it through my mom.  She was his partner, not only in life but in leadership as well.  Again, I know there were times that she would have rather stayed where we were, but she was always submitted to the will of God and not the way she wanted things to be.  She was a true partner with my dad in everything.

I know there were times that she would have rather stayed where we were, but she was always submitted to the will of God and not the way she wanted things to be. Click To Tweet

Today, I am so blessed that my wife has followed that same partnership.  Again, I’m not opposed to the husband pursuing the wife’s calling either, but when God called us to move to Cheyenne and plant Element Church, Sabrina said, “I’m called to you! So wherever God takes you I’m going.”  Thank you, God for an amazing example of partnership in marriage from my mom, and an amazing partner in my wife.

4.  Pursuit — My mom’s number one goal in life is to pursue Jesus and please Him.

You can’t spend one day with my mom before you know that her sole aim in life is to please Jesus.  Yes, she has sinned.  Yes, she’s made mistakes.   Yes, she would be the first to say that she still has a long way to go, but her desire and aim is to pursue Christ.

Wess Stafford recently said at Element, “When we cross that line into heaven, Jesus shouldn’t just wipe every tear from our eyes, He should also wipe the sweat from our brow.”  I think that will be true for my mom.  While her strength will fade as she grows older, her spirit will remain strong.  Working for Jesus is so much more than physical effort, it’s spiritual labor as well.

I have been blessed with an amazing Christian heritage in my life.  My grandparents on both sides of my family have either finished well or will someday soon.  In 2008, my Grandpa Maness heard the words “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  In 2016, my Grandma Campbell was welcomed into the arms of her Savior hearing those very same words.

I still have a living grandparent on each side, and they are both running to the finish line well!  No matter when that finish line comes for them, or when it comes for me or my mom, I’m confident that we will cross in full stride.  While I don’t wish it to come soon, I know it will come one day, that my mom will hear those very same words, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

Mom, I know you’d probably like to correct much of what I said today.  I know you wouldn’t want me to post this, which is why I didn’t ask.  I know that you will downplay everything I say, which is partly why it needs to be said.  But I also know that for me, it’s all true.  Thank you for being an awesome mom!  I love you.  Happy Mother’s Day!