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What’s The Best Part About Heaven?

This past Sunday at Element Church we continued our sermon series called “Seven”. We are walking through the seven final statements of Jesus from the cross. As we walk through each one, we are seeing just how incredibly powerful and profound these statements are. They have already been so encouraging and inspiring for me.

The most recent statement we looked at were Jesus’ words to the thief on the cross, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.” That word “paradise” was a commonly used word by the Jewish people in the days of Jesus. It referred to the place where believing souls go after they die. In fact, every time that word was used in the New Testament, it only referred to where a believing person goes upon death. Jesus was very clearly talking about Heaven.

There is so much truth in that short statement from Christ. In it, we saw how Heaven, or some form of it, appears to begin immediately after death. “Today, you’ll be with me…” We saw how Heaven belongs to anybody. To the dying thief on the cross, who had no good works left to do, by faith in Christ as the Messiah was granted salvation and a promise of Heaven that day.

In the clip below I walk us through the final reality about Heaven in this statement of Christ. “Today, you will be with ME…” Or in other words, the best part of Heaven is Jesus! This one reality about Heaven has been so encouraging and inspiring to me. By far, it was the one thing that was most referred to as “helpful” by our congregation. You can watch full sermons and services from Element Church HERE.