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New Resource: 21 Day Devotional For New Believers

Today, I am officially releasing a devotional I wrote for new, or even long-time believers who want to get a fresh start in their walk with Christ called, “21: a 21 day journey for the new believer“.

So often as Christians, we use a bunch of “churchy” words and terms trying to explain what it means to follow Jesus. What we don’t offer is something simple and practical that can get us started on our journey. This book is just that…a start!

“A great start is important to so many things. A race. A job. A vacation. A kiss. Why? Because if you start well, there is a better chance you’ll end well.”  Written as a 21-day devotional, 21 will take you through the 21 chapters of John, applying simple and practical truth every day into your life as you follow Jesus.  In it, I answer questions like, “Where do I begin?” “What happened when I put my faith in Jesus?” “What do I do if I fall?” and much more.

One of the biggest struggles we had early on at Element Church was finding and providing a practical next step devotional for new Believers that was simple, relevant and easy to use.  So many resources we found had great theological content but were not relevant.  Others we found were very practical and relevant but we were not in theological alignment with the content.

With so many people needing this practical next step and so much struggle for us to find something we were comfortable with, I eventually just decided to write my own.  We have given away hundreds of 21 devotionals over the years at Element for free.  In fact, so far this year, we have given away 156 of them.

We will continue giving these away for free at Element Church as a next step, but since this has been such a great resource for us to use at our own church, I wanted to make it available for any church to use as well.  21 is now officially published, printed and available for purchase in my store HERE.  You can download a free three chapter preview of the book HERE. (Please note, this is not the printing format you would receive in the purchase. It is a free look at the content.)

You can purchase individual books, bulk discounts or even a digital version with permission to print unlimited amounts of 21 on your own.  Each 21 devotional is $10.00, with increasing discounts for purchases of 10 or more, 20 or more and 50 or more.  The digital download is $250 and comes with a full license to print as many copies as you need for your ministry use.  The digital download can be purchased HERE.

I hope 21 can be as helpful for you and your ministry as it has been for ours.  If you know of a church or ministry that could benefit from this resource, please pass this along.