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What Makes Jesus So Good?

This last Sunday at Element Church we celebrated Easter by starting a new four-week sermon series called “Who is Jesus?”  In this series, we are walking through Psalm 23, which gives us a beautiful depiction of the Lord as our Shepherd.

It’s more than ironic or coincidence to me that King David described the Lord as a shepherd and then Jesus, in His own description of Himself said, “I am the Good Shepherd.”  So what does all this mean?  What’s with all the Shepherd talk?

Well, the big idea for our message on Sunday was:  Jesus is not just A shepherd, He is our Good Shepherd!

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So, what makes Jesus so good?  That’s what we talked about in this Easter message and it’s what Jesus answers for us in John 10:1-27.  In the clip below I talk about how Jesus is good because Jesus is the way to salvation.  We use a sheep pen and the shepherd analogy to communicate this greatest truth about Christ.  That as our Good Shepherd, He alone is the Gate through which we are saved.  You can watch full sermons from Element Church HERE.