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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Hey Element Church! Meet Trish, this week’s Volunteer of the week. Trish serves on our cleaning team and was nominated by Kelly, our Facilities Manager, who said this: “Trish is kindhearted and goes above and beyond. She is reliably volunteering every month. She is a great blessing to my team and works hard to make the church shine.”

Trish has been attending Element for four years with her husband Gene. She and Gene volunteer for I Heart Wyoming together. She is a cosmetologist and loves dogs and her church.

When asked why she serves at Element, Trish said, “I knew Element was going to be my home the second I walked in four years ago. I could feel the exact love of Christ that I had at that very moment. I had never been in a church like this before. I love to serve because every time I’m involved I have this feeling that is a bit indescribable. It is truly heartwarming to be close to my brothers and sisters in Christ. My Lord gives me amazing blessing daily and that is why I serve!”

Trish, you are a blessing to us by being on our team!  Thank you for what you do.  You aren’t “just” cleaning, you are preparing our home for people to experience life, get connected and make an impact in Christ!  What you do MATTERS!