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Episode 035 (Bonus): Gettin’ to know ya’ll

In this episode, we answer several listener questions ranging from our personality types, how we deal with anger, what we’ve done when we don’t agree on parenting decisions, how we answer the questions of injustice and suffering in the world, and much more. 

Helpful resources mentioned: 

The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron

The Dispatch news source

All Sides news source and social media

The & Campaign news source, podcast, and social media

The Problem of God by Mark Clark

Christianity for people who aren’t Christians by James Emery White

Confronting Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin

Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis

The Reason for God by Timothy Keller

“Why I struggle to believe in God, because sometimes it’s really really hard” – Sermon series at Element Church in the Fall of 2020