Why Does The Gender Conversation Matter?

This past Sunday at Element Church we continued our sermon series called “Grace & Truth”, joining the conversations around faith, gender, and sexuality. The first week of the series set the tone and foundation for everything else we’re going to discuss in the series. We said, “If I believe the right things but respond the wrong way then what I believe won’t matter.”

If I believe the right things but respond the wrong way then what I believe won't matter. Click To Tweet

This week we had a discussion about gender identity. If there’s anything in the LGBT conversation that most people are confused by, overwhelmed by, even put off by, it is the gender identity conversation. I was so thankful to have our youth pastor, Brendan Anderson, join me on stage and help me navigate this conversation. Brendan is not an expert, but he has done extensive research and study on this conversation and is very passionate about helping other people understand, as well as walking with transgender people or those experiencing dysphoria.

In the clip below, Brendan walks us through how many people identify as transgender and why it is so important for us to talk about this. There is a reason why this conversation is important. You can watch full sermons from this series HERE.



Jeff Maness
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