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This Is Why Spelling Matters

Spelling matters!  I know some people are getting really excited right now because you are the ones who believe it is your life mission to find spelling and grammatical errors wherever you are.  But I’m not talking about errors in a presentation, I’m talking about errors in our belief system when it comes to God.

Without seeing the spelling, this question could mean two wildly different things.  “Do you find joy in God’s presents?”  You already see where I’m going with this right?  Just a couple letters changed and this question means something entirely different.

I found a couple of examples online that show us how important spelling is.  Just one or two letters can change everything.  One person posted this on social media:  “Although my husband is deceased, I like to spray his old colon around the house to remind me of him.”  Just a couple letters and that’s an entirely different mental picture.  From a company parking lot:  “Private parking:  All others will be toad”  (Ribbit Ribbit)  This one takes the cake though.  Seen on a hamburger restaurant billboard: “100% Anus Beef”.  Just one letter off and that is a sandwich you do NOT want to be a part of.

So if I ask, “Do you find joy in God’s presents?” the spelling changes everything right?  If our joy is found in what God can give us we will be incredibly disappointed.  Not because He gives bad gifts but because we live in a world where one day could be filled with triumph and the very next day could be filled with tragedy.  My joy can’t be determined by what happens around me, or what’s been given to me but on what God can do inside of me.

Psalm 21:6 says You have endowed him with eternal blessings and given him the joy of your presence.

Our joy cannot be found in the presents from God, it must be found in His presence.  Just one or two letters off and that verse means something completely different.  So where are you looking for joy?  Are you looking in His presents or in His presence?  Spelling matters!

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