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The Process Of Contentment

This last Sunday at Element Church we started a brand new series called “CON-Tentment:  The lie about having more.”  So often in our lives we say things like, “If I just had that or if I just had more, then I’d have enough.  Then I’d be content.”  But more is never the answer to enough, because there’s always something more.  It’s a CON!

All of us long to be content but all of us also struggle being content.  We might struggle in different ways, at different levels over different things, but everyone struggles with contentment.  So how do we overcome that?  How do we live contented lives?  To live in contentment, we have to first know what it means.  In Sunday’s message we talked about what we should know about contentment.  We said, “Contentment doesn’t mean I can never have more; it just means I’m ok with what I’ve already got.”  I preached from Philippians 4:10-20 and in this clip I talk about the process of contentment.  That we have to learn how to be content.  You can watch full sermons HERE.