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Why Telling Someone To Change Is Loving

This past weekend at Element Church we continued our core values series called “This Is Us.”  In this series we are walking through the six core values we have as a church.  This week we talked about “A Place To Call Home: We will love people for who they are so we can lead them to where they need to be.”

I preached from Luke 5:27-32 and asked the question, “How did Jesus make a home for people?”  Jesus was a master at this.  The people who were most unlike Jesus were the people who liked Jesus the most.  He had an amazing capacity to love people for who they are while also leading them to where they need to be.

In this clip I talk about how loving someone does not mean we just leave them where they are.  You don’t have to change before you follow Jesus, but once you follow Jesus you can’t help but begin to change.  My wife joined me on the platform to help illustrate this.  You can watch full sermons HERE.