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Am I Really Devoted To God?

True faith is not just devoted because times are good, true faith is devoted because God is good!

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On Sunday at Element Church we kicked off a new sermon series called “Walk This Way.”  In this series, I’m taking specific passages or stories from Scripture that were actual places we saw while in Israel this summer.  We’ll take these passages, view them through the lens of what I experienced and apply them to our lives.

This week I preached from Psalm 42 and asked the question, “What should true faith produce?”  The reality is, true faith provides some things for us (forgiveness, filling of the Spirit, future home in Heaven), but it should also produce some things in us.

In Psalm 42, we saw from the heart of David a desperation for God, a devotion to God and a dependence on God.  In the following clip, I talk about what it looks like to be truly devoted to God.  David wasn’t just devoted because times were good, in fact they were dreadful; David was devoted because His God was good.

You can watch full sermons HERE.