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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Hey Element Church! Meet Emmy, this week’s Volunteer of the week. Emmy was nominated by Andy our Associate Pastor, who said this: “I appreciate so much Emmy’s faithfulness to serve on our 11am Usher Team. Her smiling face and genuine heart for serving is so obvious every time I see her serve.”

Emmy has been attending Element for 3 years with her family. She enjoys music, sings and is a pianist. When asked why she serves at Element she said, “The reason I wanted to start serving was that I wanted to help the church where I could.  When I serve,  I feel useful.  I love helping the older people to their chairs, and seeing people raise their hands during worship.  Knowing I’m in a community like this makes me feel safe.”

Emmy, thank you so much for what you do for God through Element Church. Your commitment and dedication to His Church is helping people take their next steps in Him.  What you do MATTERS!