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How valuable is my reptuation?

On Sunday at Element Church we continued our sermon series called “My Declaration: A challenge for men to rise-up”. The series is born from the book I wrote and released a few weeks ago by the same name. You can purchase the book on Amazon HERE, or on my web-site HERE.

So far in the series, we’ve talked about rising up to finish what God started in us by being aggressive at purity, taking responsibility, and honoring God financially. But in order for us to do those things we will also need to lead courageously.  Why? Because the places we are required to go, things we are required to do, and sacrifices we are required to make can cause fear to rise up in our hearts and minds.

In the story of Noah from Genesis 6 & 7 of the Scripture, we see some amazing principles about leading courageously.  We said, “Leading courageously is not the absence of fear, it is the absence of self.”  In the sermon, we talked through how we can, like Noah, lead courageously in this life.

Leading courageously is not the absence of fear, it is the absence of self. Click To Tweet

In the clip below I talk about the first principle we see in Noah’s leadership. Noah risked his reputation. What is my reputation worth to me? Am I willing to risk my reputation in order to maintain my relationship with God?  You can watch full sermons and services from Element HERE.