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How Do We Face Uncertainty?

In times of uncertainty it’s clarity we need!  That was our big idea this last Sunday at Element Church.

What do we do when we face uncertainty.  All of us face it, right?  In the book of Jeremiah, we saw this prophet of God faced with massive amounts of uncertainty.  In Chapter 1 of Jeremiah, God raised him up to be a prophet to the nations.  The people of Israel had once again abandoned God, neglected His temple and disobeyed His commands.  God told Jeremiah, “I am putting my words in you!”  But things did not go the way Jeremiah had planned.

In Jeremiah 20:7-18, we saw the answers to our Big Question “What things do I need clarity on in my life?”  In this clip we talk about God’s purpose in our lives.  Even in times of uncertainty, God’s purpose can keep me focused on Him.  You can watch full sermons HERE.