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Have You Heard What God Said About You?

This week at Element Church we started a brand new series called “My Declaration: A challenge for men to rise-up”. The series is built around a book I am releasing on October 23rd by the same name.

I believe in our world right now we are in desperate need of men. Not men in quantity, but men in Godly character. We need men to rise up. Not rising up in positions of dominance over others but rising up in our dependence upon God and our dependence on one another. We need to rise up and live in the character our world needs through the power God’s already made available to us.

In this week’s sermon, we used the story of Abraham in Genesis 11:31 – 12:9 to talk about finishing what was started in us. We said, “Starting something is simple, it’s finishing that makes us strong.”  We asked the question, “How do I finish what was started in me?”

Starting something is simple, it's finishing that makes us strong. Click To Tweet

In the clip below I talk about the importance of hearing what God says about us! Abraham acted on what God spoke to him because Abraham heard what God said about him. We’ll never finish what was started in us until we hear what God says about us.  You can watch full sermons and services HERE.

Abraham acted on what God spoke to him because Abraham heard what God said about him. Click To Tweet

I mentioned having a list of truth statements that you speak out loud over your life every day. These aren’t just “self-help” sayings, they need to be born from Scripture and spoken over your life. If you want some great information on the power of truth statements, you can go HERE and learn from Pastor Craig Groeschel and Life.Church in Oklahoma.  You can check out a whole sermon series of his HERE that deals with this as well.

Here are some of my truth statements that I’ve made a part of my own daily prayer time. Almost all of these I started using to combat lies I was believing. I’ve left out some that won’t make sense without deep explanation. PLEASE NOTE, God will never give you a statement that is contrary to what He’s already spoken in His Word. Meaning, God will never confirm in you what He’s already commanded against in His Word. (The You in these is God)

  • I am worth it.
  • I’ve got this.
  • I belong to You.
  • I can be myself.
  • I’m not alone.
  • I am pleasing in Your sight.
  • I can trust You.
  • It’s ok to be blessed.
  • It only matters what You think.
  • I will live in the Light.
  • I have time, be still.
  • I’m in good hands.
  • I am free.
  • You love Sabrina and my kids more than I do.
  • You love Element more than I do.
  • You always have a plan.
  • You see and You care.
  • I won’t be afraid, I’ll take You by the hand.
  • You hold me by my right hand with Your victorious right hand.
  • You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
  • You knit me for THIS purpose (leading Element Church).
  • I’ll do what I can, I trust You to do what I can’t.
  • You only do what is best.
  • I will be bold and be strong (in my preaching).
  • You’ve got me.
  • You want to be my friend.
  • I will finish what was started.
  • I already have the blessing, abundance, favor, acceptance, love, power, mercy, and grace of Jesus, I just need to live in it.
  • There is a God and He is alive in me today. He is a good God. He is sovereign over all things. He is for me and not against me. He loves me unconditionally and without question. He not only hears me when I pray, but He answers me as well. And He is with me, no matter what I am required to face in this life. So I am confident in God, I am standing with God, and I will trust in my God.
  •  I will have joy and I will take heart because my Jesus has overcome this world.
  • You’re already in control, so I’ll let You handle it.
  • I exist to serve by living vision!