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Get Off The Ledge

12119953_1018439328207266_5599211496904567903_oOn Sunday at Element Church we continued our marriage series called “Happily Never Happened.”  I preached from Proverbs 5 and asked the question, “How do we pursue purity?”  In the message we said:  Pleasure is not the opposite of purity but the outcome of pursuing it!  If we would let that sink deep into our hearts we would have a much different outlook on purity and pleasure in our sexuality.

In this clip I talk about the step of staying away from sin.  We can’t stay away from temptation, because temptation is inevitable.  But while we can’t stay away from temptation, we CAN stay away from sin and stay away from situations in which we will be tempted.  I use the idea of a ledge to talk about how we typically approach sex and sin.  You can watch full sermons HERE.