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Episode 038: Busting more myths about singleness, marriage, and sex!

In this episode, Sabrina and I bring to a conclusion our unintended series on relationship myths with Episode 038: Busting more myths about singleness, marriage, and sex! 

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God won’t give you a spouse until you trust Him completely! 

Sex is NOT important in a marriage. 

Sex is the reason TO get married. 

Sex confirms we SHOULD get married. 

Quotes shared: 

Sex is about physical touch, to be sure, but it is about far more than physical touch. It is about what is going on inside us…sex becomes a form of physical prayer — a picture of heavenly intimacy that rivals the shekinah glory of old. Our God, who is spirit, can be found behind the very physical panting, sweating, and pleasurable entangling of limbs and body parts. He doesn’t turn away. He wants us to run into sex, but to do so with his presence, priorities, and virtues making our pursuit. If we experience sex this way, we will be transformed in the marriage bed every bit as much as we are transformed on our knees in prayer. — Matt Krieg (Impossible Marriage) 

Sex in marriage is a metaphor inside the metaphor itself. Marriage between a husband and wife is a metaphor of God’s desire to be one with humanity. It points to the ‘marriage’ between Christ and the Church. The covenant of sex in marriage is modeling what Christ bodily did for us on the cross. Jesus saying, ‘I am holistically giving and covenanting myself to you on the cross.’ So, we say that through our sex. But we also say to our spouses through sex, ‘This is how God wants to be one with you. He is the completer of you. He is the one who pursues you and desires you.’ We’ve over emphasized sex, but completely diminished it by not holding it up as this theological dance.” — Laurie Krieg