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Episode 016: Why Black Heritage Month? (An interview with Pastor Fred Gallop)

In Episode 016 I interview Pastor Fred Gallop.⁠
Fred is a Chaplain in the USAF who served on the Element Church pastoral team while stationed here in Cheyenne. ⁠
In this episode, we get real and raw by diving into the conversation on race: ⁠
Fred answers questions like, 
  • “Why do we need Black History Month?” (Black Heritage Month) ⁠
  • “Do you think we’ve made any progress in the right direction in the past year? If so, what is that?” ⁠
  • “Where do you still see we need the most work when it comes to racial justice, equality, and reconciliation?” ⁠
  • “How can we as individuals, no matter the color of our skin, be a part of the solutions?”⁠
  • “Besides Jesus, where do you see the most hope in this conversation?”
Resources Mentioned:
A Multitude of All Peoples by Vince L. Bantu
13th on Netflix
Pass The Mic Podcast