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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Lea EnstadHey Element Church!  This is Lea and she is this week’s volunteer of the week! Lea serves on our tech and creative teams and our Lead Producer, Taylor, said this about Lea:  “Lea is definitely a go getter and brings a real sense of structure to our team. She is very passionate about excellence and that is evident in her stage designs, lighting scenes, camera shots, and other areas she serves. She is very talented artistically and her help with stage designs really sets us apart. Even though Lea has a packed schedule and a new job, she still desires to help out as much as she can on the tech team.”

Lea has been attending Element since January 0f 2010.  She attends with her husband, who serves on the safety team, Fusion and Outreach, as well as with their three children.  She works as an architectural drafter/designer and is the office manager at a dog training facility.  In all her hobbies she likes to work with her hands in something creative.

When asked why she serves at Element she said, “I serve because I was once lost and I want others to experience the love of Christ. If someone who doesn’t know Christ comes back because they liked a lighting scene, a certain camera angle, or just thought the set design was cool, then maybe they will keep coming back to hear the Word of God. I cannot describe how much joy it brings me to see those who were lost find new life in Christ.”

Lea, it gives us so much joy that you are a part of our team.  You are truly talented and are doing a great job.  Thank you for what you do.  IT MATTERS!