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Can Women Lead?

Community Happenings (5) Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 11.30.49 AMNo, this is not a blog about women in leadership or whether women should be pastors, but my title did peak your interest didn’t it?  (I’ll save a blog about that subject for another day)

Here at Element Church we have a women’s group called “Leading Ladies” and they are doing just that.  They are LEADING the way in generosity.  I love what many of our Community Groups are doing as they serve the city of Cheyenne though their own outreach efforts.  Leading Ladies are one of many groups that are owning the core value of Leading The Way In Generosity here at Element Church.  You can read all about what is happening in our community groups by clicking HERE.


We love shopping but there’s no comparison when you get to shop for women that are working towards self-sufficiency! Leading Ladies applied for an Element Outreach Grant and were able to use the money to buy professional clothing for Julie’s Closet. The best part is that they didn’t know how much money we had received and were only expecting a couple of items. Boy were they surprised!  Kim Miller came to pick up the items and noticed the Element Store right away. She thought we just had items for sale and was completely speechless when we told her that all the items were for Julie’s Closet. In fact, she actually just stood there looking at the clothing for several minutes, trying to wrap her brain around it! It was AWESOME!  Thank you to Element Outreach for providing this amazing opportunity to lead the way in generosity! We truly have no idea how this will touch lives within our community and we continue to pray that this act will bring glory to God’s name!

Pants: 20

Shirts/Light Sweaters: 24

Professional Jackets/Wraps: 13

Panex: 10