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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Hey Element Church! Meet Sarah, this week’s Volunteer of the week. Sarah was nominated by Brendan, our Youth Pastor, who said: “The cool thing about Sarah is I’ve watched her grow in her faith and leadership from being a student in Fusion to a leader impacting Jr High kids.  She’s obviously much cooler than myself, and because of that connects with the Jr. High students in a unique way. She is passionate about Jesus, and seeing teens become passionate as well!”

Sarah has been attending Element for 5 years. She is a student and also works at TJMaxx. In the summer she enjoys longboarding and hammocking with her friends. She likes reading devotionals, camping, fishing, elk hunting with her dad and camping out in the living room with her mom next to the fire.

When asked why she serves here at Element Church, Sarah said, “I serve at Element Church because it doesn’t only affect the kids I interact with but it also has an effect on me because I know I’m fulfilling one of the purposes God has for me. Growing up, I loved to help out and now that I can, it makes me have a sense of peace almost. Listening and relating to these Kids’ stories and experiences makes me want to go out and just be that person they can talk to. Leading my small group has truly brought me closer to God because I’ve always wanted to lead but I have been so scared to and the friends in this group push me to do my best at leading, overcoming my fears, and they hold me accountable. I’m so thankful!”

Sarah, we are very thankful for you and your service to the teens at Element. You desire to make an impact and you are doing that! What you do MATTERS!