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5 Things Pastors Need To Know About Breaking Growth Barriers

15b67658-4487-4249-a3d7-d5c3b7639aaeRecently I was honored to be asked to share some thoughts on breaking through growth barriers as a part of a free web-conference called “Overcoming The Challenges Of Leading A Growing Church”, Hosted by INJOY Stewardship Solutions.  As the Lead Pastor of Element Church in Cheyenne, WY, we have been blessed (and sometimes cursed) with numerical growth from the very beginning of our church.  Since we launched in 2007, we have had the growing pains of breaking through several growth barriers.  Here are five things we learned as we broke through barriers that are highlights from my thoughts in the web conference.
Change Your Perspective:
1.     With every barrier busted it brings a new burden to bear.
2.     If you’re not prepared for the burdens of growing, it can keep you from going to the next level. One of the reasons churches stop growing is they are not willing to bear those burdens.
3.     The Relational Burden Of Growing – who is on your team and how will they function on your team as you grow?
4.     My role as the lead pastor on our team had to change if we were going to grow.
5.     My time needed to be used to invest in executive leaders and some high-capacity volunteers.
On Thursday, October 13th at 11:00 AM EST I along with a number of other church growth experts like Shawn Lovejoy, Marty Schmidt, and Mike Linch will be coaching pastors on breaking attendance barriers.  The best part is it is online and absolutely FREE.  If you cannot make the initial 11:00 AM showing, other times will be offered.  Click HERE to sign up today.