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You Choose Sunday

Hey Element Church!  Coming up on Sundays, November 5th & 12th we will be hosting You Choose Sunday.  Each year, we try to take one Sunday where you select the worship songs and you select the sermon content.  Each year we have incredible participation and I look forward to it each time.  What we’ve found is, there are more questions than I can get to in the allotted time.  Great questions at that.  So this year we are doing two consecutive Sunday’s.

Go HERE or click on the image above and you can be a part of this Sunday.  Select your favorite worship songs and the top eight songs will be split up by fours to be sung each week.  You can also ask ANY questions you have on your heart.  Nothing is off limits.  In the past, I have answered questions about homosexuality, can/should a Christian drink alcohol, divorce, and more.  I will do my best to get to as many questions as I can.

On these Sundays, your questions will remain anonymous.  While we do ask for your name when submitting a question, no one in the room or listening/watching online will know who asked the question or where it came from.  It will remain anonymous to the congregation.