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Why I’ll Never See Communion The Same Again!

This last Sunday at Element Church we concluded our sermon series called “Who Is Jesus” with what is now one of my favorite sermons I’ve ever done.  There are a handful of sermons that have marked me individually.  This was one of them.

Every sermon a pastor preaches I believe is important…eternally important.  I don’t know who is in the room when I preach.  I don’t know who might be here for the first time or the last.  Someone might be in the room who has never heard about the wonderful grace of Jesus.  (Just a couple weeks ago I talked with a woman in the lobby who had NEVER heard about the sacrifice Jesus made for her)

While ever sermon is important, even eternally important, some are just more personal.  This was one of them.  I didn’t use any points this week.  I didn’t have a Big Question or a Main Scripture.  I used Scripture, but it was a completely different feel as I described our Gracious Shepherd.

So far in this series, we have seen Jesus as our Good Shepherd, our Guiding Shepherd and Our Guarding Shepherd.  I believe Jesus as our Gracious Shepherd is His crowning characteristic.  As we finished up our walk through Psalm 23, I made the connection between Psalm 23:5-6 and the Last Supper of Jesus where He instituted communion.  The parallels cannot be ignored.

As I learned some information about the Last Supper that I had never known before, my heart was awakened to a whole new reality and power in Communion.  Jesus is indeed our Gracious Shepherd.  In the clip below, I share some powerful truths from the Last Supper that will forever change the way I see and participate in communion.  I hope they impact you as well.