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What Are You Asking For? (Re-blog)

question markI want this to define my “asks” in 2016.  By the way, be very careful how you say that word in quotations.  HA!  I wrote this blog back in August, but thought as we close out 2015, it would be a good reminder as we start asking God for things in 2016:

If God gave us what we asked for would it be wasted?

I’ve always been blown away by the story of King Solomon in 2 Chronicles 1.  God appears to Solomon in a dream and tells him, “Ask me for ANYTHING you want and I will give it to you.”  WHAT?  Can you imagine if God did that to you?  Me?  I mean, what would you ask for?

Personally, we start thinking of money, possessions, relationships, STUFF right?  Or maybe you’re better than I am and you wouldn’t do that.

In ministry, as pastors and leaders we would ask for more people to attend, bigger buildings to use, higher offerings to come in.  Right?  If we’re honest wouldn’t we?

But I wonder if God gave us what we asked for if it would be wasted?  Here’s what I mean.  God tells Solomon to ask for anything, and this was his request:

2 Chronicles 1:10  Give me the wisdom and knowledge to lead the people properly, for who could possibly govern this great people of yours?

Solomon could have asked for anything, but he asked for wisdom.  If you’re familiar with the story you know that God goes on to say, “Because you didn’t ask for wealth or possessions, I will give you what you ask for…AND I will give you great wealth and possessions.”  Solomon went on to become the wisest AND richest man to ever live.  HELLO!

I wrote this recently in my journal after I read that passage in my devotions:  “Blows me away every time that God asked Solomon what he wanted and Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge to lead.  It got me thinking…Solomon could have asked for wealth, power, fame, but without the wisdom and knowledge it would of been wasted.  In leadership, we often ask for things that perhaps our wisdom and knowledge, where they are, can’t handle.  Growth, income, staff, etc.  If God gave us what we asked for, it might all be given in vain.  Lord, please give me the wisdom, knowledge, insight and integrity to lead my family and our church well.”

If God gave us what we asked for would it be wasted?