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What Voices Are Winning In Your Life

As we enter this Easter week there will be lots of reflection around the world on the life of Jesus, his death and his resurrection.  Even people who don’t consider themselves church goers or followers of Christ will be greatly impacted by events, teachings and services that revolve around Him.  In fact, this coming weekend, churches will be flooded with people who may not attend another service the rest of the year, but because it’s “Easter” they will go to church.

This season is often a time for great internal reflection.  A time to re-think our relationship with Jesus, re-imagine what it must have been like for His followers, re-thank Him for His sacrifice and re-live the wonder and majesty of our resurrected King.  As we each take our own approach to the Easter season, I want us to ask this question:  “What voices are winning in my life?”

There’s this interesting phrase found in Luke’s account of the trial of Jesus.  In Luke 23 Jesus has been betrayed, denied by Peter, mocked and beaten by the Temple guards, found guilty of blasphemy before the Jewish High Council, sent to Pilate finds nothing wrong with Jesus so to abdicate his responsibility sends Jesus on to Herod.  Herod and his crew also mock Jesus and send him back to Pilate for a final decision.  Pilate, just short of begging, demands, “Why should we crucify Jesus?  What has he done wrong?”  But the Jewish leaders were adamant that Jesus should be put to death.  In a final attempt to avoid killing Jesus Pilate says he will just have him flogged and released when it says this:

Luke 23:23 But the mob shouted louder and louder, demanding that Jesus be crucified, and their voices prevailed.

Wow!  Their voices prevailed.  Pilate had the authority to render Jesus “not guilty.”  Pilate had the choice to put his faith in Jesus on the spot.  Pilate could have done just about anything he chose, but at the sound of their voices, he caved.  What voices are prevailing in your life?

Maybe the voice of “I’m not good enough,” is prevailing in your life causing you miss the fullness of life that Jesus wants you to have.  The reality is, we aren’t good enough but Jesus gives us HIS worth when we put our faith in Him.

Maybe it’s the voices of peers leading you down a wrong path or the voice of the enemy bringing up your past.  Maybe it’s the voice of a parent who you could never please, a loved one who let you down or a loved one you let down.  Maybe it’s your own voice convincing you not to take that risk, step out in faith, do what you know you want to do.

I don’t know what voices are prevailing in your life right now but there’s only one voice you need to hear and that’s the voice of Jesus.  When you put your faith in Him He says, “You are mine!  You are loved!  You have My worth and you are given My greatness.  You can do anything I ask of you.  You are forgiven. I’m proud of you.  I’m with you.  I love you!”

This Easter season, don’t be swayed by the voices around you but be strengthened by the voice of Jesus in You!