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Sabbath: More than a Jewish practice (New Sermon Series)

On Sunday at we are going to be starting a brand new sermon series called “Sabbath: More than a Jewish practice.”

What is the Sabbath and why is it important?

For so many people, the Sabbath is thought of as an outdated practice or something only Jewish people do. Or as Christians, we just think of it as “Sunday.” But in this series, we’re going to look at the incredible benefit the practice of the Sabbath is. How it’s woven into the fabric of creation and offered to each of us as a way to guide us into real rest, delight, and worship.

The practice of the Sabbath is something that God convicted me of personally this year. It has become one of the most life-giving and life-changing spiritual disciplines I’ve ever put into my life. It has changed my wife and I’s everyday lives. Over the next three weeks, I want to walk with you through some of the things we’ve learned about the Sabbath along the way. I think you’ll be refreshed, encouraged, and maybe a little convicted too, but better for it.

When: Sundays at 8:30 AM // 10:30 AM // or 12:30 PM

Where: 600 E. Carlson St. in Cheyenne for in-person gatherings, or online at and YouTube.

Who: Anyone and everyone! (Relevant, fun, and secure kids ministry for children infant through 5th grade)