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How Do I Put God First In My Life?

How do I put God first in my life?  That was the question we sought to answer this last Sunday at Element Church as we started a brand new sermon series called “First”.  In this series, we are going to be talking about how we can make the most important things in life FIRST on the list!  While yes, we will be talking about the very practical questions of “What’s first in my finances, fellowship and our physical bodies?”  The answer to those questions doesn’t matter unless God is first in our lives!

I preached from Isaiah 8:13-14 and we said, “Whatever you fear the most will reveal what is first in your life.”  In this passage, we saw three key things to putting God first.  Seeking him for safety, standing in awe of Him and setting Him apart in our lives.  These three things are not one time decisions, they are an ongoing disciplines in our lives.  In the video below, I use an illustration to teach what it looks like to set God apart in our lives.

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