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Prayers That Shake The Room

This past Sunday at Element Church we continued our series called “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”  In this series, we’re looking at the Greatest Commandment, loving God with all we are and loving our neighbor as ourself, and talking about how evangelism can be boiled down to living that out.  So far in the series we have talked about our attitudes, actions, words and today we talked about our prayers.

I preached from Acts 4:23-31 and asked the question, “How does prayer set the stage for salvation?”  We said, “Prayer alone will not save people, but it sets the stage for people to be saved.”  I love the prayer that these first Christians prayed.  Here they were, faced with prison or even death if they didn’t stop talking about Jesus and they prayed neither for protection or for their persecution to cease.  These Christians prayed for more boldness to speak about Jesus!

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In this clip, I talk about how prayer, especially praying for people to be saved, helps us see beyond ourselves.  These early Christians prayed and the Bible tells us that the meeting place shook!  Can you imagine praying a prayer that shakes the room?  Also in this clip I share some practical ways that we can begin taking this big idea of prayer and working it down into our every day lives!

You can watch full sermons HERE.  You can download your own version of the Neighbor Card HERE.