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Living In The Light

Living in the light is a choice we have to make, not an advantage to our faith. I sometimes think in our faith; we can become complacent, thinking that just because we believe in Jesus, it will be easy to walk in the light. But walking in the light doesn’t…

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Smashing Idols

True worship in our hearts will lead to the destruction of idols in our lives. In 2 Chronicles 31, the people of Israel had just come off of a festival of praise and sacrifice to God. They had all been in Jerusalem for Passover and were heading back to all…

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Episode 001: How can we come out of this season even stronger?

Episode 001 of the Naked Party Time Podcast is ready to consume. In this podcast, Sabrina and I talk about “How we can come out of this season even stronger.” Today’s spotlight is on Hayley Laban, @hayleystorm16 on Instagram. Hayley did our amazing podcast artwork and is an incredible graphic…

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