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Do you have goals or wishes?

In Episode 033 of the Naked Party Time Podcast, Sabrina and I talked about planning for the new year. One of the steps in living out that plan is to re-order your life around your new goals.

If you don’t do this step of re-ordering your life, you don’t have goals; you have wishes.

You hope these things happen but you aren’t willing to help yourself get there.

You are inspired by the ideas but you aren’t willing to inconvenience yourself to accomplish them.

You love the comfort they would bring but you’re not willing to be uncomfortable to get there.

Why do you need to re-order your life? Because none of this will happen by accident.

I promise you, you will not pursue what you are unwilling to plan. Well, you will pursue something, but it will be whatever life brings to you, not what you bring to life.

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