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I Wanna Be Like Steph

Remember the old Gatorade commercial starring Michael Jordan?  It had the jingle, “Like Mike, I wanna be like Mike.”  Well, I think it’s time to change the jingle to “Like Steph, I wanna be like Steph.” Steph Curry has recently made headlines again, not for his video game like play…

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The Process Of Contentment

This last Sunday at Element Church we started a brand new series called “CON-Tentment:  The lie about having more.”  So often in our lives we say things like, “If I just had that or if I just had more, then I’d have enough.  Then I’d be content.”  But more is…

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This Is Why Spelling Matters

Spelling matters!  I know some people are getting really excited right now because you are the ones who believe it is your life mission to find spelling and grammatical errors wherever you are.  But I’m not talking about errors in a presentation, I’m talking about errors in our belief system when…

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