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I Don’t Trust Jesus

That’s essentially what I’m saying when I only trust what I see instead of trusting what Jesus said!  That was the big idea this past Sunday at Element Church as we continued our sermon series “Jesus is NOT the reason for the season”.  Trusting Jesus as provider is not based…

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Our Church Is A Museum

I think one of the biggest dangers for our churches today is the temptation to become a museum that highlights the past instead of a mission command that propels us to the future!  For the church to become a movement we have to cling to the past without being crippled by…

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God Can’t Use Me

That’s what so many people believe about themselves and part of what we talked about last Sunday at Element Church.  On Sunday, we launched our new series called “Jesus is NOT the reason for the season.” The reason we say that is because we believe He is so much more…

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