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You Pick The Sermon And You Pick The Songs!

you-choose-graphic-2016You Choose Sunday is coming up on November 6th at Element Church!  You pick the sermon content and you pick the songs.  We are putting the power in your hands.  Just go HERE and fill out the online form.  You do need to provide your name and email, but those will not be shared publicly at all.  Any question goes!  Pastor Jeff will answer any and as many questions as he can on that Sunday, and his wife Sabrina will be joining him on the platform to help facilitate the discussion.  (No guarantees on if she will answer a question)  You can vote for your favorite songs as well.  The top 4 songs will be chosen for the worship set on November 6th.  Element Music original songs are marked as such.  You choose Sunday is always a blast to be a part of so ask away!