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20 Lessons For Pastors On Building A Great Team

15b67658-4487-4249-a3d7-d5c3b7639aaeShawn Lovejoy, founder of Courage To Lead and author of the best-selling book Be Mean About The Vision, is an incredible leader.  Recently he discussed what is needed to break growth barriers in your church.  It starts with building a great team.
Anytime Shawn speaks on leadership you should listen.  He has so much wisdom to share and he does so generously.  The following are Shawn’s thoughts on building a great team, reasons for meetings, and staffing issues.
If your church is looking to grow to the next level, this will help you.
10 Lessons For Pastors On Building A Great Team
1.     When Jesus got ready to change the world He picked a team.  Not just a team, a great team.
2.     Often we sell the disciples short.  These men, filled with the Holy Spirit, preached and thousandswere saved.  They turned the world upside down within one generation.
3.     Much of the growth and future of our church will rise and fall on the leadership quotient of the team members we surround ourselves with.
4.     One staff person can’t solve your problems.  But the right people can solve the problems.
5.     Build A Healthy Team Culture – Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
6.     We have to be the culture we want to build.  We have to model the culture.
7.     Have Great Meetings
8.     Proactively Address Staffing Issues
9.     If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.
10.   Empower Them
5 Reasons For Meetings
1.     Community – Do life together.
2.     Communication – People are down on what they are not up on.
3.     Collaboration – Every great meeting should be made in a meeting.
4.     Coaching – Every great coach watches the team play and debriefs them.
5.     Cheering One Another On
4 Staffing Issues
1.     Wrong Seat on the Bus – this speaks to capacity.
2.     Missing the Bus – this speaks to chemistry.
3.     On the Wrong Bus – this speaks to calling.
4.     They’re truing to drive the bus – this speaks to character.
Shawn concludes with his final lesson, “Build a high-growth team and you’ll break through your growth barriers.”
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