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New Sermon Series: “Made New”

This Sunday at Element Church we are starting a new series on baptism called “Made New.”

What is baptism, and why should I be baptized?

If you ask that question to 100 different people, you might get 100 different answers. While there might be some disagreements on the answers to those questions, it is vitally important that we ourselves have an answer. Baptism is more than just an event the church does; it’s an integral part of following Jesus.

In “Made New,” we’ll get the answers we need to the questions about baptism.

When: Series starts on Sunday, February 9th. There are three worship experiences to choose from each week. 9:00 AM // 11:00 AM // 6:00 PM

Where: Element Church 600 E. Carlson Street in Cheyenne, WY

Who: Anyone and everyone. We provide a fun, relevant, and secure children’s ministry for kids infant through 6th grade.

Would you like to get baptized? On Sunday, March 1, we will be having baptism services at Element. If you’d like to sign up for baptism you can do that by going HERE.