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I’m Going Swimming With God

img_0449On Sunday at Element Church we continued our sermon series called “Decision 2016:  Escaping the political paranoia.”  In this series we’re talking about the fear and uncertainty that this election is causing in our country and what God says about the decisions we should make in the midst of that.  No matter who is elected, God’s Word is clear on what our response should be as His followers.

In this message we talked about the financial fear that this election is causing.  Will taxes skyrocket?  Will the economy collapse?  What will happen financially if THEY are elected?  In a recent study done by Chapman University, four out of the top ten fears of Americans revolve around money and the economy. But it doesn’t take an election to worry about money right?  This election is just exposing or elevating our fears a little bit more.

I preached from 1 Timothy 6:17-19 and asked the question, “What do I need to surrender financially?”  We said, “Trust is not measured in what I say it’s measured in what I surrender.”  Below is a clip from the message where I talk about surrendering our place financially.  I use an illustration to help communicate the principle of tithing in a new way and hopefully an encouraging way.  You can watch full messages HERE.

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