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I’m Engaged

FullSizeRenderNo, I’m not trying to get my own television show called “Sister Pastor Wives”.  I’m NOT talking about that kind of engagement.  I am “engaged” in a great work!  That’s part of what we talked about at Element Church this past week as we continued our look at Nehemiah in our series called “Prepare”.

This week, I preached about being prepared for our future.  Being prepared to accomplish our plans, hopes and dreams.  We looked at Nehemiah chapters 2-6 and said, “Anything great done for God will come at the cost of something great!”

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Nehemiah and the people of Israel in Jerusalem are such a powerful example of the determination and willingness to push through all costs to accomplish a dream.  They were willing to work, ready for war and were determined to withstand.  At one point, the wall was nearly complete when some men come and try to talk Nehemiah down off the wall.  That’s where we pick up the story in this clip.  I pray that you have the determination to continue the great work God has called you to do!  You can watch full sermons HERE.