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If Love Is Patient, Do I Have Love?

This past Sunday at Element Church we started a brand new sermon series called, “Love Is Louder: Rising Above The Noise”.

We live in a culture of noise. The noise of anger, racism, hatred, division, anti-this or anti-that rhetoric.  It’s actually overwhelming.

The Church then comes along, with good intentions, and tries to get our opinion in too.  The only problem is, we just try and yell louder than the noise which already exists, and we just get lost in all the other noise.

So, in a culture full of noise, something or someone has to rise above it.  That’s where we come in.  As followers of Jesus, it is up to us to demonstrate to the world that love is louder.  That the only thing which can rise to the top of everything else is love.

In this message we said, “If love is to be louder in my life then love must be the leader of my life!”  We sought to answer the question, “How do I lead with love?”

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In the series, we will be walking through 1 Corinthians 13 in the Bible, also called the “Love Chapter”.  This last week we looked at five words: Love is patient and kind.  On the surface, those words seem simple enough, but when you dig deep into their meaning, they were incredibly challenging and convicting.

In the clip below, we breakdown the word patient.  What does love look like when it’s patient?