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I LOVE The Broncos!

img_0436I LOVE the Broncos but I cheer for the Raiders.  You won’t hear a true Bronco fan ever say that, right? Why? Because Bronco fans don’t cheer for the Raiders and that illustration helped us this last weekend at Element Church as we talked about what it truly means to follow Jesus.

No, I didn’t teach that to follow Jesus you have to root for the Broncos.  Some people might like for me to teach that, but that’s not what we taught.  I preached from Luke 14:25-35 and asked the question, “What is the cost of following Jesus?” We said, “Forgiveness from Jesus is free but following Him will cost me.”

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In this clip here I talk about one of the costs of following Jesus, that there is a conflict we have to conquer.  In the clip I reference a video we showed at the beginning of the sermon.  If you didn’t see it, it was a spoof of a young man asking his girlfriend to marry him.  She said, “Yes” but wanted him to give her just one day a week to be unfaithful to him.  That context will help you in your viewing.

You can watch full sermons HERE.