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I Don’t Believe Jesus

12119953_1018439328207266_5599211496904567903_oThat’s basically what we are saying if we say, “That’s impossible,” when it comes to a spiritual issue in our lives.  We either believe that the power of Jesus can do anything or we don’t.  On Sunday at Element Church we finished up our sermon series on marriage and relationships called “Happily Never Happened”.  In this series we’ve been talking about 5 pursuits to a happy and healthy marriage and this last pursuit is a pursuit of power.  We said:  A perfect marriage doesn’t exist but one full of power does.

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I preached from Matthew 19, where Jesus teaches on marriage, divorce and remarriage.  Here in this clip, we are picking up just after Jesus apparently gives an “allowance” for divorce, and depending on how you read it, remarriage.  Is there any permission for divorce and remarriage?  Are there any allowances?  When it comes to marriage, instead of asking, “Am I allowed to get out?” we should be asking, “Is Jesus able to overcome?”

You can watch full sermons HERE.